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Venison Burger $20

A decadent Venison Thyme Burger with

Smoked Bacon, Swiss Cheese,

Pinot Pickled Onions &

Central Otago Apricot Relish.

Options: cauliflower veggie pattie /

gluten free bun (+$2).

Bacon Butty $13

A toasted ciabatta with smoked bacon, mayonnaise and green tomato relish.

Options: gluten free bun (+$2).

Belgian Waffle $12

A Belgian Waffle with cream and your choice of sauce (maple/chocolate/cherry)

Add ice cream +$2

Add bacon +$3


What Inspired Us

“During the first lockdown (as we shut our helicopter business Heliview Flights down for a few weeks and like the rest of the country, waited with bated breath to see what the future may hold), we watched a programme called Undercover Billionaire. The undercover billionaire has to go to a new town and start from scratch. They gave the guy 90 days to create a business and make a name for himself. He went into town, got a feel for it and decided to craft a Texas slow-cooked brisket restaurant. He entered a food competition, set himself deadlines and made it happen. It was inspiring.”

Jolanda and Richard



Support Local

Venison Patties from The Fridge, Cromwell

Fresh Thyme from Basil, Parsley & Partners, Cromwell

Smoked Bacon from Texas BBQ Foods, Taranaki

Pinot Pickled Onions by Gertz Larder, Cromwell

Central Otago Apricot Relish by The Kitchen Garden, Bannockburn

Brioche Buns by The French Bakery, Christchurch


Branding Iron custom made by Objects of Art, Cromwell

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Our Award Winning Burger


24 September - 25 October 2021

We won the People's Choice Award for the Food On The Move category as well as the Judge's Award for Sustainability & Innovation in Food & Beverage Tourism Award.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

Eat.Taste.Central celebrates Central Otago's food, wine & beverage pioneers with a month-long event where you can take your palate to somewhere it hasn't been before.

What better opportunity than this to launch our sistership, Burger Afloat? Our contribution is aptly named "It's Burger (Afloat) Thyme" - a decadent venision & thyme burger to celebrate everything our region is famous for as well as personal influences:


  • Central Otago venision that roam the tussock-clad hills

  • Local thyme to represent the valley we are located in (it's covered in aromatic thyme plants that have been left behind by goldminers of days gone past)

  • Texas BBQ Smoked bacon from Taranaki, where Richard and Jolanda lived before moving to Central (you'll have to come for a yarn to find out what the Texas connection is!)

  • Swiss Cheese - Jolanda's heritage

  • Pinot pickled onions to represent the local viticulture industry

  • Central Otago apricot relish to represent the local fruit growers (and specially made following Jolanda's aunt's old family recipe)

  • An individually branded brioche bun to give it the finishing touch and attention to detail that this burger deserves

  • And a crispy cos lettuce leave to keep your mum happy that you're eating your greens!

Bon Appetite!

PS Did you know it's been termed a 'zero calorie meal' as you need to bike or walk to us to enjoy one? Sssshhhh - don't tell the boaties! Check out this article if You don't believe us: NZ's First Floating Burger Bar